5 Benefits of a Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

1. Easy for a Postpartum Mum- The postpartum bubble is super stressful, exhausting and all-consuming. There’s no schedule, routine and there’s barely time to get dressed. It can be really hard on new parents to get everything packed and out of the house in time for an appointment. Those cluster feeds can make getting out of the house on time almost impossible! A home newborn session is great because you can just get dressed and I show up ready to shoot! A lifestyle session is super relaxed and we stop for unlimited feeds, cuddles and tea breaks! There is no pressure in a lifestyle newborn session as my sessions are quite organic and I love to capture all the cuddles!.

2.) Pets- A lifestyle home newborn session is a brilliant way to incorporate all your fur babies! I love love love sessions with pets as they are such an important part of the family! Your child will always remember their first pet and it’s just the sweetest thing to capture them together in baby’s early days! I’ve had so many amazing sessions where the dogs steal the show and love the camera! It is so adorable to watch how they have adapted to a new baby and often we capture images of them looking like the older sibling!

3.) Incorporate Your Home- I love to think of my childhood home and the memories we had there. I wish we had more images of us in it all together as a family as I can only piece together memories of it. Your home showcases your personality and is the heart of your family. It is so crucial to capture the place your little one is going to grow up in. I love using your home as a backdrop to the images- the fresh new nursery, the master bedroom and the living room where you spend so much time in your newborn bubble. They are so fantastic to use as a backdrop and create so much meaning.

The attention to detail that they put into the wedding was fantastic. So much thought went into everything that would make their day theirs, and that would give their guests a wonderful weekend with them.

4.) Baby is sleepier- I find my sessions in home go so much quicker now as baby hasn’t slept on a long car journey. In their home they have a feed and generally are good to go! The whole session is so much more relaxed as no one has anywhere to be and no one is worried about travelling with a newborn.

5.) Natural- A home lifestyle newborn session is just so much more natural than a studio session. I love using organic natural light and homes help shape my images..

A home session helps take the pressure off you after just having a baby. It’s a low stress session and we go slowly at baby’s pace. We take our time and I find that a lifestyle session feels like a chat with friends. You have everything you need at home and there’s no need to rush out the door and having to make sure you’ve remembered everything on your first trip out with baby. I come to you and lifestyle sessions really are so relaxed. They are just a great time to focus on baby cuddles and reconnect with your partner. I love photographing in home sessions because they are so intimate and a beautiful reminder of those early days. They are the perfect time capsule of baby’s first home.