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Laura & Mike, Barnutopia, Oswestry

BARNUTOPIA! Sounds every bit as amazing as it actually is in real life. To get there, you drive deep into the Shropshire countryside, through Oswestry, out the other side into a tangle of country roads, possibly stop for a wild wee in a field, and head for the Welsh border. You’re greeted by donkeys, sheep and rugged hills, a cluster of yurts, a shepherd’s hut and a barn.

I've known laura for years, she is a creative bubbly person who had chosen the most suitable wedding venue in Barnutopia. It well and truly chucked it down all day, but it didn’t matter a single bit. Why? Because they absolutely love each other! Thanks to the yurts, everyone who was able to come was able to stay on site, including Laura's parents and sister from Warrington. Even the Buster the dog got involved when I was off taking wedding images just before the bride and groom portrait shoot wedding images.

The last few years has been so tough for families that these times have become the moments that sustain us. I was so glad for Laura and Mike were able to finally have the day they’ve held out for for so long.

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