What the Coronavirus means for your Wedding Photography

Updated: May 12, 2020

Wow. I think you’ll agree, that the world is going through a very strange moment in history right now. We’re in uncharted waters and for many of us, we’re dealing with something we’ve potentially never experienced before in our lifetimes. The news is changing day-to-day too.

I can only imagine how stressful this is to anyone planning a wedding.

So, I want to do my part to help. As a small business owner and wedding photographer, a big part of me is terrified about the coronavirus and its global impact. But I want to choose compassion over fear. Preparation over worry. Will my business suffer this year? Probably. Will I still be okay? Yes, I will. And I want you to be okay too.

So, I’ve created a coronavirus action plan. And thrown in some tips and advice as well.

My goal is as always, to be understanding, easy-to-work-with, and flexible during all this COVID-19 chaos. I operate my photography business with core values of honesty, transparency, and respect. Your health and wellbeing are my absolute TOP priority. I want to help ease your minds going forward, so you have one less thing to worry about at this time.

I will be even MORE flexible with you about cancellations and postponements than it states in my contracts. I’ve gone into this in detail below. There are many unknowns right now due to COVID-19, and I want to help make photography one less stressful thing to worry about.